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League of Women Voters of Plainfield

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Our Mission

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Our Purpose

The League's name, like its mission, derives from the proud legacy of the women's suffrage movement. Today's members are women and men; any citizen aged 18 or older can join. Members may join through any level of the League, and with membership comes the opportunity to work on local, state, regional and national public policy issues. Local Leagues set their local programs, priorities and dues; state Leagues set the statewide agenda.
Officers 2009-2010
President Janet Massey
1st Vice-President Rebecca Williams
2nd Vice-President Raquel Horn (Voter Services)
Treasurer Alice Logie
Secretary Patricia Turner Kavanaugh
Membership Services Veronica Taylor

Candidates Forum
Each year, as a service to Plainfield Voters, the League of Women Voters of Plainfield hosts a Candidates Forum prior to the municipal election.  The policy for participation in the forum is as follows:
After suggestions from the League of Women Voters of New Jersey (LWVNJ), the League of Women Voters of Plainfield will allow any citizen of Plainfield who is currently on the election ballot or a write-in candidate (who has an active campaign and is expected to receive at least 15% of the vote in the election) to participate in its election programs.  All must submit biographical material and answers to the local League's questions to the LWV of Plainfield to be included in the forum and informational materials such as ads in a local newspaper.
A candidate who has agreed to take part in the Forum, and later finds out that he or she will not be able to attend, may submit an opening statement of the same length afforded the other candidates.  The absent candidate's statement will be read by a member of the Plainfield LWV immediately following the opening statements of the candidates who are present at the Forum. 
The time allotted to all candidates for their opening statements is not fixed, but is determined by the LWV Voters Services chairperson, predicated on the number of candidates who will be taking part in the Forum, and the amount of time accorded the LWV for its Forum by the host facility.  Information about the amount of time for opening and closing statements, along with all guidelines and rules is given to all the candidates well in advance of the Forum.

League of Women Voters of Plainfield * P.O. Box 2900 * Plainfield, New Jersey 07062