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League of Women Voters of Plainfield

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League of Women Voters of Plainfield through the decades



National League of Women Voters organized February 14, 1920

Mass meeting to form Plainfield League May 10, 1920

First meeting of League of Women Voters of Plainfield and North Plainfield held May 14, 1920

Over 3,000 women are registered in Plainfield on September 14, 1920 after holding citizenship school over the summer

Sent report on Milk and Garbage Ordinance to the city council November, 1920

Carrie Chapman Catt (1st President of the LWV) spoke in Plainfield November 1922

LWV requested City Council to bring up garbage disposal December 1928



Helped start local African American (then known as “colored”) LWV December 1930

Admitted African Americans into the League June 1933

Supported allowing women to serve on juries December 1934

Passed resolution against the discrimination toward African Americans, February 1937

Voting machines adopted in Union County, September 1937

Wrote Mayor urging city garbage disposal, June 1938

Took anti-war toy stand December 1938

Noted that one in seven families in Plainfield were unemployed as of March 1939



34 Leagues in New Jersey, 533 in United States, December 1940

Women called for petit juries, May 1942

Rules to conserve scarce materials in wartime and salvage of waste paper, February 1942

LWV of Plainfield calls for revision of state constitution, January 1943

Oppose equal rights amendment for women, 1943.

LWV of Plainfield survey of human relations in Plainfield found 47% of housing for African Americans inadequate, Jews barred from living in two sections of Plainfield, no discrimination in education with local schools, hotels and some restaurants didn’t serve African Americans, summer 1947

First evening meeting of LWV of Plainfield, January 1949



Need to increase membership and to fund-raise, January 1950

North Plainfield forms its own League, September 1953

First issue of This is Plainfield published, 1954

Begin “Know Your Town” and “Know Your Schools” studies, summer 1959

New Jersey has highest property tax in US, sales or income tax needed, November 1959



“What's Ahead for Plainfield?” study of municipal planning, 1960

“Know Your Schools” is published, 1962

LWV of Plainfield recommends desegregation of city schools citywide, 1964

Second This is Plainfield published, 1965



Third This is Plainfield published, 1972

Evaluation of the City Council, 1975



Fourth This is Plainfield  published, 1982

LWV of Plainfield begins fund-raising auctions



League struggles with few members but decide to continue, September 1996.

Last League in county to end mailing candidate sheets, November 1999



Begins to publish candidate information as ad in Community Section of Courier News, April 2000

Study of local waste management and Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority, 2000

80th birthday celebration, March 2001

League of Women Voters of Plainfield * P.O. Box 2900 * Plainfield, New Jersey 07062